Eyecon flows

between your favorite communication so you always reach who you need in a snap.
No app jumping – just see & call.


Eyecon shows

all your contacts by picture and how you like to communicate.
No typing – just see & call.


Eyecon knows

who you are interacting with a lot right now - across all your favorite apps.
No contact search – just see & call.

EyeCon app


Eyecon is the only picture-based phone book designed for the multi-tasking and multi-app generation.

  • So you can simply see & call.
  • The only app that knows who you are likely to call right now.
  • They're changing the world. We're changing YOUR world



Our sophisticated personalization,
usage and image algorithms


Learns your communication preferences for every individual contact


Shows you those contacts you're likely to need right now

Nexus Black


Lets you communicate across your favorite messaging and calling apps from one dialer


Automatically matches contacts to pictures

We call this
the intuitive picture phonebook

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The only picture phone book designed for the multi-tasking, multi-app, typing-averse generation

EyeCon app

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